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I Take Pictures of Galgos to Get Attention to Their Horrible Living Conditions

One of my goals is to raise awareness about the terrible conditions in which Galgos are kept, and one of the ways I hope to do this is through photography. One of the methods I plan to use to accomplish this goal is to take pictures of Galgos. Every year, Spain is responsible for the birth and upbringing of thousands of Galgos. The origin of Galgos can be traced back to Spain. These dogs were born and raised in Spain specifically for hare hunting. Hence Spain is the country responsible for their birth and upbringing. When society decides it no longer needs them, they are put to a horrible death. When they are no longer helpful, they are set to end after enduring a life full of fear and violence. They have no choice but to act in this way.

The creation of World Galgo Day has allowed people from all across the globe to work together towards a shared aim of drawing attention to the plight of these lovely canines. Because the concept of World Galgo Day was meant to be developed by people worldwide, this is achievable. This is crucial since Galgos rely on us all through the months of the year. Because of this, it’s vital. This date was chosen in part because, per long-standing tradition, hunting season traditionally closes on the first of February. Because of this, we decided on today as the date. Many Galgos are killed around this time of year in even more horrific ways than the rest of their lives. They have been subjected to inhumane treatment throughout their lives, culminating in this demise. This happens once a year at this specific moment. This is because it is in the midst of the once-a-year festival of the Galgo. As a result of the cruelty they endured during their life, this date was chosen as the one to commemorate their passing rather than any other.

In August 2014, I invested in my first digital single-lens reflex camera (DSLR) to use photography to share my experience with these canine buddies and show how I see them. I intended to show them as they appeared to me through my camera. The reason I bought a camera was so that I could show others how they look at me through my eyes. I felt strongly about using photography as the means to this end. I aimed to capture an image that looked like how I pictured them in my head using only my camera. The first Galgo I ever had, Leena, inspired me to find my photographic expression. To accomplish this, I photographed her. She has my eternal thanks for helping me out in that way. Now that I can access Leena’s narrative, I must share it with as many people as possible. I aim to do so to the best of my ability. I intend to give it my all to achieve my goal. Here are some portraits of rescued Spanish hunting dogs and Galgos and other Spanish hunting dogs I’ve had the pleasure of photographing. Numerous other breeds of Spanish hunting dogs are described. The photos were taken by you because I had the chance to do so. If you do, please let me know.

Animal shelters are doing everything they can to save the animals they can now house, even though they are complete. This is because shelters try hard to keep as many animals as possible. This is because of the extensive work that shelters do to ensure the survival of as many animals as possible. Please help spread the word about the Galgos by sharing their information whenever possible. To the finest of your capability, it is greatly respected.

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Written by Tahir Mehmood

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