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“The Chances of You Getting Killed by A Cat Are Low, But Never Zero”: Some Adorably Scary Pics of Cats and Their ‘Murder Mittens’

When we look at pictures of adorable kittens, it’s easy to forget that cats are also dangerous predators. But it’s important not to. It’s easy to get distracted by a kitten’s adorable appearance and forget that they are dangerous animals; we’re guilty of doing it ourselves at Bored Panda regularly. Kittens are lovely animals. There is some truth to the assertion that domestic cats are natural predators that, if allowed to roam free, pose a significant threat to the well-being of a variety of other species, particularly those of a smaller size.

Remember that even though they make fantastic pets, they are still animals and require specific attention to guarantee their health and safety. Even though they make beautiful pets, it is vital to remember that they are still animals. Because the need to hunt is ingrained into a cat’s genes, it is not uncommon for cats to instinctively pursue any small creatures they come across, regardless of whether or not they are in the wild or the household. Cats are not unheard of bringing their prey back into the house. At this moment, cats can catch their prey. If they are not continually observed, they may eat their target or other animals if not stopped. Cats aren’t the only animals with a lot to be concerned about; other animals also have. Because cats are still animals and need to be handled as such, owners must be vigilant for any indications that their feline companions may be in danger. The welfare of cats requires continual attention.

Even though they have one of the strongest motives for hunting, a domestic cat kept in good health and fed frequently may nevertheless chase and kill birds, small mammals, and reptiles if the opportunity presents itself. This is especially true if the cat is kept outdoors. It has been observed that cats would continue hunting even if they have access to sufficient food since it is in line with their natural instinct to do so. This is one of the strongest arguments in favor of this. This is because felines are born with a predetermined drive to go on hunts from birth. Cats have such a solid need to satiate this drive that they will take advantage of all hunting opportunities. The pleasing news is that there is a subreddit known as Murder Mittens that serves as a reminder that unique fluffiness and an unquenchable thirst for blood are not mutually exclusive characteristics. The presence of one does not rule out the presence of the others. The fact that even the cutest and most affectionate of these species can have their own sinister tendencies reveals that no animal is devoid of its own share of shadows.

This is a funny take on the notion that even the most friendly creatures can be pushed to their darkest extremes if disturbed. Once they have reached that point, it is possible to unleash that extreme. This subreddit takes the stance that once an animal’s darker side has been aroused, it can be released once the animal has been stimulated. Readers are advised to exercise extreme caution whenever they are interacting with anything that has the potential to pose a significant risk to their safety, even if some aspects of a situation may, at first appearance, appear to be risk-free. The online community (created in 2018), while still young even by the standards of Reddit (launched in 2018), has more than 195 thousand members. That number will only rise as people continue posting images of sharp paws. Reddit was established in 2018. The year 2018 marked the beginning of Reddit.

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Written by Tahir Mehmood

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