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Meet My Beautifully Unphotogenic Cats

Greetings to all of you! Squidwizard here, and these are Fritatta and Ciabatta, my two cats who live in my apartment. They are both about 4 years old. About three months ago, Fritatta was found in a gas station parking lot as an abandoned stray kitten. Approximately 7 months ago, I purchased Ciabatta out of an abusive shelter environment when she was about 7 months old. It was a blessing for Fritatta to be found and taken in by me, and I am glad to be able to provide her a safe and nurturing environment to live in. I am grateful that I rescued Ciabatta from a bad situation at the beginning of the year. She has made tremendous progress in the last few months. Having them in my life for over a year has been a pleasure, and they are both happy and healthy cats. 

Both of them needed to get a lot of care and attention to help them recover from the trauma they had been through. The joy of watching them grow and develop into the beautiful cats they are today has been such a rewarding experience as I provided them with all the love and care they needed. Not only has it been rewarding to watch them grow and develop, but I have also found it immensely fulfilling to have the opportunity to give them the love and care they deserve in their life.

No matter how many pictures I have taken of them, I can’t sake a good view of either, even though I have a spare few. Instead of the usual pretty-shmetty pictures you’d usually expect, I’ve decided to embrace every picture’s awful appearance instead of hiding behind them. The combination of comedy and photography seems to be a good one. 

Taking a step back and seeing the beauty of imperfections can be achieved through humor and photography. Additionally, this allows us to create a more relaxed environment by taking away the pressure of taking the perfect picture and letting us focus on the fun part of the shoot. It is possible to achieve a sense of humor and appreciation for the beauty of imperfection by creating a unique combination of comedy and photography. 

This way, we can relax and enjoy the operation rather than stressing out about capturing the perfect shot every time. With the help of humor and imperfection, we can create an atmosphere in which we appreciate the beauty of the moment without feeling a sense of pressure to be perfect. As a result, we can understand that moment more. By doing this, we can enjoy the present more fully, laugh at our mistakes, and appreciate the moment’s beauty more meaningfully. Taking a holistic approach to life will enable us to appreciate life’s fleeting moments of beauty, as well as to enjoy it more fully and appreciate what is available to us in it.

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Written by Tahir Mehmood

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