My dog somehow unscrewed the catnip container, and my cats had a wild day

When it comes to your furry friends, you never know what to anticipate. When the owner’s dog unscrewed the catnip container, his cats had one wild day, as pets tend to shock you with their devilish behavior, as can be clearly seen in this video.

His face was unusually welcomed when he returned home from running chores. The cats were rolling around and jumping up and down just because his dog unscrewed the catnip container.

Furthermore, he said he had no idea what had happened at first. However, there was an opened catnip container, and its contents were sprinkled on the floor. There was no doubt that his dog had opened the catnip container. Seeing his cats in a weird state was fun, but he was also anxious about their protection. 

The owner said it was an innocuous and delightful experience, despite being unexpected. It just goes to show how pets can surprise us. As a pet owner, keeping an eye on your furry friends and ensuring they’re safe and healthy is important. It’s also important to let them have fun and discover the world around them. Perhaps your dog will surprise you with their own naughty behavior, and you’ll have a wild day with your pets.

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Written by Tahir Mehmood

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