We gave our dog a baguette; for some reason, she became obsessed and carried it everywhere for days.

Dogs are expected to become attached to certain things, especially if they enjoy them. Here’s a potential timeline based on your explanation:

Your dog likes the baguette you gave her. Ultimately, she sets it down after munching on it and carries the baguette around the house. You might even see her take it on walks with her. Now the dog loves the baguette now. Everywhere she goes, she carries it. 

You notice the dog chewing on the baguette more aggressively, and it’s getting stale. But she’s bound to it, so you don’t like to take it away, but she appears very happy. Whenever the dog glimpses a baguette, she gets thrilled and associates it with pleasing things. The pet is smitten with baguettes, and every time she gets a new one, she has them around the house and chews on them. It feels like she’s consuming too many carbs, but she seems fit and happy.

We must recognise that dogs have choices and behaviours; sometimes, they attach to things we don’t anticipate. You can let your dog eat her baguette obsession if she’s not eating anything harmful or inappropriate. Keeping an eye on her diet and health is very important, and if you have any concerns, consult your vet.

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Written by Tahir Mehmood

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