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Watching His Favorite Movie

You won’t believe how cute this puppy is! Every time a Dalmatian comes on the screen, his body shifts excitedly! He loves watching TV and knows when it’s time for his favourite movie or show. He’s definitely one of the cutest puppies! His black spots seem to be the appropriate combination for his personality. He’s always so excited whenever he sees something new and never hesitates to show his enthusiasm!

In the UK, dotted dogs were among the top 20 breeds until 2004, when numbers began to drop. As The Kennel Club’s spokesperson said: “Infrequently do dog breed trends stay the same because of what individuals see on TV or in films. Even though they can make great pets when raised correctly, they can be a handful for some.

Therefore, people tend to look for other, more manageable breeds. This is why the popularity of dotted dogs is decreasing. However, they are still a breed worth considering for people who can handle their needs.

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Written by Tahir Mehmood

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