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The dapper dog reaches pet fame because of his distinctive signature floor-length beard

Every day his owner and professional groomer, Nicola, combs Teddy’s beard and tail to maintain Teddy’s signature style. Teddy is groomed once a month by Nicola.

His floor-length beard has people wagging their tails. It’s Teddy’s furry facial features that make humans envious. Professional dog groomer Nicola Wilcox maintains and checks his signature look. There is no escaping the attention he attracts with his giant beard that reaches all the way to the ground. “He is well known for it,” said Nicola, 50, from Hartlepool. When they see his beard, they all stop and say, ‘there’s the little dog with the beard’. This may be her favourite look, having groomed dogs for over five years. It’s a muddy mix of a dog, but he’s amazing, and the fur suits his funny, stubborn, naughty personality. His beard was tested to see how long it could grow. Now Nicola can’t stand the thought of getting rid of it. The famous beard stays after Nicola trimmed it only an inch.

It will grow fast but won’t get any longer than this. He walks almost rubbing against the pavement.” She started her own company because of Teddy and Bobby, who is sadly no longer with us. She said, “Bobby was my other dog, but he had a brain tumor.”. “I started grooming because of them, and now I have a lot of business.”

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Written by Tahir Mehmood

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