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I called my wife to ask her if the cat liked his new toy. She sent me this

The cat appears to be enjoying his new toy in this picture. The picture indicates that the cat is playing with the new toy and has a lot of fun. This suggests that he likes the new toy and is enjoying it.

The cat’s manners also indicate that he enjoys the toy, as he is actively playing with it and appears to be quite engaged. Also, cats are known to be quite picky when it comes to their toys, so the fact that he is playing with the new toy for a prolonged time means that he likes it and is having fun.

Cats naturally prefer toys that offer a challenge, such as interactive toys or toys that move. The fact that the cat is playing with the toy for a long time could indicate that the toy delivers adequate stimulation and enjoyment. This type of stimulation keeps cats more engaged and entertained and helps keep them mentally and physically active.

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Written by Tahir Mehmood

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