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After almost 1.5 years of training, I entered my 6-year-old rescue bully in his first agility competition.

The owner of this fantastic dog mentioned that the dog competes in a variety of other sports and that he holds more than 20 titles! He was the only Pitbull-type dog there, qualified in 2/3 of his runs, and placed first in both. She can’t wait to break more stereotypes with her boy Baloo! Along with agility, he also enjoys dock diving, barn hunts, lure coursing, trick dogs, obedience, and dock diving. His life after being rescued is very fulfilling, and he lives an extraordinary life!

Many people have been kind to her, and she appreciated and thanked them for their support and kind words. She said Baloo is such a great dog, and she really enjoys that. She also said that before commenting terribly about this breed, it’s important to remember that she’s a person with feelings and loves her dog a lot. Also, the lady said her dog sports competitions, earning over 20 titles in just two years, proved that this breed can be intelligent and highly competent in the right hands. Her experience as a dog trainer indicates she can confidently say that genetics play a significant role in behavior and responsible ownership is vital.

She says Pitbull advocacy isn’t without honesty- they’re challenging, self-reliant, and hardheaded. Genetics always trumps nurture when it comes to dogs, of course. In the wrong hands and with inadequate genetic fulfillment, this breed has gotten a bad reputation. Unfortunately, so many statistics are skewed because incorrect breed labels are used. Blocky-headed dogs get tagged “Pitbull’s” even if they don’t have any APBT. It is essential to be kind to people on the internet, especially when they are providing information and spreading awareness. Again, she expressed her gratitude for all the love and support.

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Written by Tahir Mehmood

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