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You should trust your dog’s instincts

It is imperative to note that dogs can see very well in the darkness because of their sharp vision, especially at night. We can see in this video how great a dog’s instincts are. He knew something was wrong, so abruptly, a cheetah appeared, and the dog ran away.

As many people may not be aware, what causes the glare in a dog’s eye is light that hits the back of the eye (tapetum lucidum) and reflects the retina to provide more light in dark environments. They can see at a brightness around five times dimmer than we can see. However, their true sense of smell is what makes them unique. Their sense of smell is 100x better than ours. Our bodies are even capable of picking up the chemical changes taking place within them as well. The ability of dogs to smell emotions is legitimate.

For this reason, we often see dogs with a “guilty” look on their faces when they have gotten into something. They can smell the chemical changes in us and our upset, which makes them feel threatened. Most of the time, that guilty look is a sign of fear. The fact that we tend to anthropomorphize dogs a lot causes us to think they feel guilty.

However, science says dogs are not likely to experience guilt regularly. It does not matter where you are, and dogs are fascinating. Intriguingly, they can sense such outrageous sensations with their senses.

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Written by Tahir Mehmood

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