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Florida woman kidnaps two dogs. During an investigation of her house, police found over 20 dogs

The Polk County sheriff’s department said a dog napper allegedly caught on video stealing two dogs from their owner’s driveway the day before was arrested on Thursday.

When the dog owner realized the theft on Wednesday, he circulated security footage to his Facebook page. Sherry Comer, a 49-year-old woman, was later recognized as the dog napper, and deputies said she was told her name by someone who identified her as the woman, a woman who napped dogs.

This video reveals the woman petting the dogs, and then in a matter of seconds, she grabbed the first dog by the collar, followed by the second dog, and then quickly walked away from the driveway. A team of detectives arrived at Comer’s home, located three miles from the home where the dogs were allegedly stolen, and found about 20 dogs inside the house, including the two stolen animals. During the investigation, Comer told investigators that she breeds and sells dogs for a living.

It was found that none of her dogs had microchips at their homes when Animal Control arrived at her house and scanned all the dogs.

Deputies reported that the two dogs were returned to their families, and Comer was arrested and charged with burglary and two counts of grand theft.

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Written by Tahir Mehmood

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