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Doggo is great with ladies!!!

What a friendly dog, and look at how he interacts with women in public. He seems to meet new people and is never afraid to greet them with a wagging tail. Like in this video, this beautiful dog can be an excellent companion for anyone searching for a loyal and loving pet. He also always seems eager to please and loves being around people.

This can be an ideal pet for anyone looking for a lifelong companion. His behavior is likely due to his early socialization and training. He was probably raised in an environment where he was exposed to people and taught to be friendly and accepting of strangers. He may also have had positive reinforcement when he displayed friendly behavior around strangers. This early socialization and training can create a friendly and loving dog that people can trust and enjoy being around.

The only thing one needs to do is get their pets out in public a lot. People should teach them basic manners and let them know that people are kind and fun. The rest is up to them. Being a Golden dog like this will help, of course. The same applies to every breed, especially one as beautiful as this one…

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Written by Tahir Mehmood

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