Been feeding a stray cat for a few days, and today I let her into the shop because of the rain. He immediately felt at home, so I let him stay in his new home.

Yeah, that’s awesome!

Animals can sense when in a safe and comfortable environment, and this cat obviously felt that in the shop. By allowing the cat to stay, you provide it with a safe and secure place to stay. It will likely become attached to you and the shop as its new home. Animals have a strong instinct to seek places that make them feel safe, and cats, particularly, are very sensitive to their environment. By allowing the cat to stay and providing a comfortable and secure environment, you create a bond of trust between you and the cat. 

This bond will make the cat feel at ease and create a special connection between you and the cat. While in pure white cats, the hair around the nose and the tips of their ears are thinner. This makes them more susceptible to damage from the sun, especially if they live in the sun. As a result, white cats are more likely to develop cancer in these areas as they age. Your new kitty’s ears will be more protected if they have orange coloration

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Written by Tahir Mehmood

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