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In Thailand, an angry cat protects watermelons in the trunk

There is nothing more fun than a grumpy cat. This is a feline law of nature. Aren’t you convinced? Then you will want to look at Pearl, a Thai supervisor supervising a watermelon farm for nearly six years. Pearl’s glaring gaze is a major part of what makes him so powerful. This enables him to send chills down any person’s spine when he looks at them.

Pearl’s owner warns them not to be deceived by his looks. He points out that he is one of the sweetest young boys in the village, irrespective of his looks. Despite this, this humorous and slightly intimidating salesperson only allows people to taste the sugary melon after charging for it.

Get ready to face Pearl before you get your hands on a watermelon!

Grumpy-looking cats are a huge trend on the internet today. They’re irresistible and hysterically funny with their mesmerizing glares and chilling stares. While Meow Meow cannot truly replace Grumpy Cat, she caught everyone’s attention for looking angry than Grumpy Cat (despite being impossible to replace). Another furry boy from Texas has been gaining much attention for his angry appearance. He has 20K Instagram followers who can’t get enough of it. With his incredible posing skills and endless ginger fluffiness, Garfi has gained momentum as a real scheming villain.

Cats are popular on the internet for a good reason. We’re doing something humans have been doing for ages, says Sam Ford, Peppercom’s director of digital strategy and a research affiliate with MIT’s Convergence Culture Consortium.”Juxtaposing surprising meanings over cat images, a la the LOLcats phenomenon, allows us to project our thoughts onto the mysterious countenance of felines,” he told Mashable. Our thoughts are not the only thing we project into the world; we can also instantly relate to many feline facial expressions. It’s normal for us to change from plain grumpy to very excited in the blink of an eye, just like them.

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Written by Tahir Mehmood

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