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Brave bro delivers stuck kitty from roof gutter

Brave bro delivers stuck kitty from roof gutter from HumansBeingBros

A brave man rescued a stuck cat from the roof gutter by opening his window from a heightened building. After he got the cat in, he shut the window. 


The man in the video has a box in his hand, and the cat steps into the box slowly instead of jumping in, which is great. She might have dropped or tilted it because of the sudden weight gain. Interestingly the cat knew to step closer to the gripping end of the box than the opposite end and did it very slowly.

What if a cat falls on the ground? According to animal experts, cats have ‘righting’ instincts, so they twist their bodies to land on their feet when they fall. As a result, their vital organs are protected. If a cat falls 2 stories or less, it shouldn’t be injured. They might get hurt if they fall over 2 levels, but cats that fall off high rises and don’t die have a 90% survival rate, according to studies. That’s a fantastic thing. In 2003, 119 cats were examined, and the results revealed that “falls from the seventh or higher story cause more severe injuries.

On the other hand, this brave man in the video felt no fear while rescuing the kitten, which is an invaluable lesson for everyone. A lot of people really appreciated the efforts of that brave man, but many individuals criticized the man as an idiot for risking his life to save a kitten from a roof gutter. But they don’t know what humanity is. Because these people are unaware of real pet lovers, and taking good care of them is something they value very highly. 

Thousands of people admired this brave man’s courage in rescuing the cat’s life in this video clip that has gone viral over the Internet.

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Written by Tahir Mehmood

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